Thursday, 19 May 2011

These are a few of my favourite things..

Come on sing it with me!!
 I thought I'd do a little list for tonight's blogging.. of my favourite things. Remember Carson Kressley on "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and his term zhushing? Well I'm zhushing my soul today *insert smiley face here*
  • Having coffee dates with my eldest son Liam. He loves it! We share cheesecake and cream as we people watch and chat (well I do the chatting, while Liam rolls his eyes laughs at my wittiness). This is a tradition we started from when he was a little wee bubba. It started at Starbucks where the wonderful people who worked there knew Liam by name and our order off by heart. It is now a bit of a rare occurance, so when I ask him if he wants to have a coffee date at the shops with me he waves his arms madly and gives me a great big massive grin.
  • Spending time in "Jack World". Oh it's the business!! Whether it's on the trampoline bouncing and rolling around; or running through sheets/blankets (one of his favourite games! and it is a buzz, I recommend you try it people!); spinning around and getting wickedly dizzy (somehow he walks better than me after it); or making funny sounds/noises, "Jack World" is always fun. It's when he looks into my eyes I get this electric bolt through me, (because usually he only gives fleeting eye contact when he wants) so when he makes real eye contact, a magic connection is made and my heart fills like a balloon I almost pop!
  • My lazy 'nap times' with Evangeline. We just snuggle up to eachother in bed and I feel that beautiful Mother and Daughter bond. She smiles her 'crinkled-up-nose' grin, says 'mama', and I'm complete.
  • I guess I better add something about the hubby.. hahaha. Well he would totally get that. He likes to tell awful jokes and sometimes some really good ones. I love that he makes me smile at least once a day without fail. I think he especially loves the challenge of making me smile when I'm sad. And not a day goes by without some sort of double entendre joke or innuendo (in-your-endo!), and I must admit I'm just as bad at doing that too. If you can't be silly and in our case dirty, at least once a day, well that's a day wasted really.
That's just a taster of  my favourite things. I do have a long list and it will keep growing over time too. Aaaaaah I feel better already. This kind of feels like an Oprah moment. Now for your turn people! Even if it's just a list you pop down on a napkin, I recommend making these favourite things more of a concrete concept, something you can look at and smile about. It will also train your brain to think along more positive lines. We don't realise how much of our minds activity is wasted on more negative or 'blah' things and how it can affect our demeanour in our everyday lives.
Get those rainbows, lollipops and sunshine out people!!

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Jessicats said...

What a beautiful post!
Some of my favourite things include European-style delicatessens. I love looking at all the different cheeses and salamis and imported jars of coffee and cakes. Makes me fleetingly feel like I'm in Europe and I forget the rat-race, where I live now.

I love it when I tickle my girls and they're shrieking with delight. Their joy and laughter is infectious and brings me back to 'the moment', being present with them and enjoying being a mamma.

I also love bringing home a big beautiful bunch of flowers. I love lilies, peonies and gardenias.

I'm also a sucker for summer fruit (can't wait for watermelon season & cherries!!!!)

I love snuggling up to Le Husband and watching him sleep.

I WOULD LOVE a sleep-in one day (keep dreaming Jess!).