Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Brain..

What an amazing thing the brain is..
The fact that we know so little about it and what power it holds.
I often think about Liam's brain and how it has been damaged and how that effects him and his life. But also what we can do to change that. I've read up on intensive therapy and Hyper Baric Oxygen Therapy and every kind of therapy. It's amazing how the brain can actually change, it is not fixed. But I have also weighed up the use of intensive therapy in a person's life and the quality of that life. Do i really want to push Liam to the limit? Take away the fun of his everyday existence. Ok I can see this will be a scatterbrain post as I want to talk both about the complexity of the brain as well as therapy and it's effects on the person and their family.
I think this post is leaning now towards therapy versus everyday living. I would like to think I have struck a balance with Liam. We try to incorporate therapy where we can but I would say the joy of living is of the utmost importance in our house. Liam is a happy soul and I don't want to push him to the point of no longer being that happy soul. People may argue I am not leading him to his full potential. But what is that? It seems those who are able to 'reach their potential' end up being bitter and disillusioned anyway. Depression is so common these days that I worry if my children were to be 'normal' they may suffer from depression. Is that a silly thought? I don't know.
I've also had a few wines, so this post may get deleted in the morning hahahaha. But at the moment it totally makes sense and is relevant...

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amym said...

hey yeran
i don't think it's silly at all.. makes complete sense to me.
it's a really interesting struggle. i think yr right.. what is full potential anyways? And how do you know where the line is between the ego of an adult and what best for the child? I think it's so great you are so engaged in this reflectively!! What more could one ask??
I also think that happiness and everyday experiences are so important, and it's so beautiful to me that your observe that in your children's lives.
I see the way some of my friends (yourself included) engage with their children, and engage with their parenting and I am in serious awe. It's such a beautiful thing x