Sunday, 29 May 2011

The perfect brothers...

I use to worry about any sibling of Liam's missing out on the usual sibling play. Liam is very social but the majority of the 'play' or 'interaction' must be done by the other person. Although Liam also loves to just watch. He is an avid people watcher and that's why he loves going to the shops. Any child playing with Liam may get tired, bored or run off to find more stimulating interaction.
 My worries have slowly been reduced as Jack's personality has emerged. Jack couldn't care less if another child played with him, so the fact that Liam is unable to participate with Jack most of the time doesn't seem to faze him, and Liam is very much entertained by his brother's antics and explorations. Although when Jack has a meltdown Liam has complete empathy for him and even gives me that look of "oh please help him, he's distressed".
Now I think of them as the Perfect Brothers. Jack is happy to go about playing by himself all day, while Liam is happy to watch the entertainment for which his brother provides.
We just have to wait and watch what happens as Evangeline grows and develops. Evy may be the 'steel' to Jack's 'flint' and Liam's 'oxygen'. I certainly can wait for the sparks. *insert knowing wink here*

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