Friday, 20 May 2011

Everyone has a story to tell.. EVERYONE

As the title states, I believe everyone has a story to tell. Each and everyone of us have lived an interesting life, an individual life, one that is noteworthy. Most people don't realise this and have mentioned to me that they don't think they have the 'material' for a blog. And some people have told me they have the material but don't think they like the idea of people reading it (and that's fair enough).
I fondly remember a show on SBS (and no, it wasn't a Spanish film with subtitles and nudity) called "Front Up". I would sit down and watch it every Thursday night with my mum, dad and sister. It had a very basic set up, 'reporter'/'host' Andrew Urban would approach random people on the street and just strike up a conversation. Urban had that certain something that had people just "spill their guts", they would reveal interesting details about their life and we would sit in awe of such amazing and inspiring tales. I guess it was like a moving blog. I miss it and wish it were back on air.
When you talk to anyone and take that time to listen you will find out some very amazing or at least interesting things about them and things connected to them. And this is most true of when an elderly person starts a conversation with you, pehaps in a queue at the shops or at the RSL. They have a long rich tapestry to share, spanning decades and major events So try not to dismiss the old lady that starts 'rambling on' to you, you never know what information you may come across. Although you can also find stories being told from children who have experienced more than most adults, in their short life time.
The point of this blog post is to say we all have something to share with the world in terms of our experience and how it has shaped us. Don't be afraid to share as not only is it cathartic, but it might also help the person/or people you are sharing it with.
Blog on!

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Nicole Bunyon said...

I agree. blog on....! now, if only I could get my camera to work to load up my pics for my blog!