Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Fanfare and fireworks...

Ok so I don't know what I expected at that moment when our paed said Jack has Autism. Was I expecting fireworks? Trumpets? Some dudes to jump out of the side door yelling "surpriiiiise!". Nope, it was so fricking unceremonious. As are all these defining moments in our lives... In fact Liam's diagnosis was given to us in that exact same room, with no fanfare, no fireworks and no "surpriiiiiise!". Although I remember the Doctor handing me tissues. There was no tissues today. Strangely I was laughing, Byron was wrangling the kids, Doctor was shaking his head with a smile.
In fact I was officially diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in that same room too, by the same doctor. Although my memory of that room on that day was darker. How funny. Not so dark today. In fact today was exciting because Jack started 'roaring' like a dinosaur and I felt and still feel quite proud about that. He picked up a dinosaur toy and roared. Makes me smile. May not be much for some people, but damn he might as well won the Noble prize according to me.
I have been told that after diagnosis your child is still that same child. Nothing has changed, other than access to more services to help. But there is a change. A change that only those who have gone through this can understand. I am not saying it's a negative change, but things will never be the same and that is a fact. These things can not be undone.
Please don't get me wrong. This is not doom and gloom, but it is something that changes your life and shapes your being. I am speaking for all who have a child with 'DIFFABILITY' . And in my case, more than one child with 'Diffability'. The crazy thing is, I'm not the only one with more than one child with 'diffability'. I have several friends who are in a similar boat. And these people are probably the last to whinge and complain. God bless them.
Thanks for reading these posts tonight. You are now on this new journey with me *cue evil laugh* , now you must come along and enjoy the ride....

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Amy said...

I love reading your blogs no matter how light or dark they are :)Jacks DIFFABILTY wont define him! xxx