Friday, 20 May 2011

Lucky duck...

When I tell people about my children obviously it comes out that Liam has CP. It's just a fact of our life and that's that. But I have had the response of  "oh I'm so sorry" or worse still "you poor thing". What? Huh? Excuse me? Do not feel sorry for me or Liam. He is one very happy dude. And I like to think I am one pretty happy dude-ette. Further more I am one very lucky mummy!!! I am so blessed to be able to have children. There are people out there who will never be able to concieve and they would pay thousands, if not millions just to be able to be given a possible chance of falling pregnant.
Yes indeed there are difficult days and yes my back aches at times, but I would never trade that for anything! All I have to think about is how we almost lost him in that first day of life and I know I have won the lottery with Liam. He is one in a gazillion. As are all our children.
I remember having a conversation with a person, who had no problems concieving, about fertility treatment. She had said that it was against God's plans and that the Doctors were trying to play God. I was quite gobsmacked. I then asked if that also included fertility drugs, not just IVF, and she responded with "yes, any kind of intervention is against the plan". I kindly pointed out that my parents had tried for 7 years and that without fertility drugs my sister would not be here and maybe I wouldn't be either (although I was a little surprise for my parents lol). She was unable to speak after that. What could she say?
The pain and the sadness of trying for years and years I cannot even begin to imagine. Liam was a surprise baby just like me, but we tried for 2 months with Dylan and that felt like a long time! Then after we lost him I could not go on until we were pregnant again. It took 6 months for us to fall with Jack. That six months was torture. Maybe more so because I was trying to fill the void that had opened up from the loss of Dylan. So the thought of trying for years and going through numerous treatments and dealing with the rollercoaster of emotions, is just beyond comprehension. And there are couples out there experiencing this everyday.
I do love the good news stories of people getting their miracle babies. Some through fertility drugs, some through IVF. And in some cases naturally, against all odds, when a couple have been told they will never concieve. Now that is magic!
Next time someone says "oh I'm sorry", I'm going to take advice from my friend K and respond with "what? did you fart?"

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lost-in-france said...

That was great, Yeri! Am so enjoying reading your blogs. I think that your kids - and YOU are amazing!!