Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ok balancing out tonight's other post with something light hearted..

I love ice cream! I am an ice cream fiend! I would eat ice cream in an igloo in minus temps if I could. You know when people ask you that hypothetical question of  "If you were on death row and you were just about to get executed, what would be your last meal?" Well I would just go straight to dessert. I wouldn't even need a fancy schmancy designer ice cream, doesn't need to be Homer Hudson or Baskin Robbins, I would settle for Chocolate Fudge Sundae from McDonalds (aka Maccas for the Aussies)... but it'd have to be the large one and not just one, probably five of them.  In fact I remember as a little girl asking my mum if you could die from eating ice cream, say if you ate too much in one sitting or if your heart could freeze and she responded with an unsure "maybe", and then I announced I wanted to have death by ice cream when it's my 'time'. Bizarre I know, but I was and still am bizarre.
So what would YOU have as your last meal??

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