Jack's Autism Spectrum Disorder

This is a journey we are still discovering and uncovering. But I will give a break down of the signs and symptoms. Keep in mind this is a disorder that is on a 'spectrum'. So when someone says "Autism" it does not mean the exact same thing in every case. The spectrum spans from severe all the way to borderline and within all that each child exhibits different bahaviours, issues, sensory needs and so on. We are still not sure to what severity Jack possesses and what his sensory needs are etc. I will update that as we go along.  But for now this is how I investigations all started:
  • Jack was not saying any words by 18 months (he did say mama a few times, but never in context)
  • We thought he was deaf when he was 12 months old onwards as he never responded to his name or requests (we got his hearing tested and it's all clear)
  • He never pointed and still doesn't point (a bit of a red flag)
  • He has minimal eye contact, but he is capable of a bit of eye contact
  • He loves to spin objects, especially wheels
  • He also likes to spin himself (my male ballerina haha)
  • Jack flaps his hands (not all the time, but definately more than 'normal')
  • I thought Jack loved 'dancing' whilst sitting down... it's a bit more like rocking really...
  • He 'hums' a lot; makes sounds such as "ah ah ah ah" continuously
  • He isn't a fan of other children; he tends to push them away or tries to bite them (but only if they invade his personal space... I totally understand)
  • He seems to have a lot of 'sensory issues'. He likes deep pressure, especially around the diaphragm/stomach. Hates touching the grass and dirt with his whole hand so when he falls down in the backyard he likes to land on the 'heel' of his hand.
  • Jack likes to line objects up or stack them
  • He shakes his head, but not to say "no", just for the 'buzz', a sensory thing
So that's what I can think of at the moment.
We started Speech Therapy well before this diagnosis and it was in fact the therapist that suggested he may have Autism due to a few red flags. We are now starting on Occupational Therapy. Jack is also attending the Early Intervention Playgroup I took Liam to.. well we never actually left really.
I am confident that Jack will respond very positively to the therapies and we also have him on a Gluten Free Casein Free diet.

Lining Up
Spinning wheels is a favourite