Thursday, 19 May 2011

Rainbows, lollipops and sunshine...

I realised that maybe a part of my 'foggy in the head' issue at the moment was/is to do with my brain in major overload. Not only have I been thinking about all the day to day things and the planning of things, I have also been doing some major reflecting of late a la this blog. Therefore I have been doubling my minds 'work load' so to speak. And the majority of my mind has been focussing on some very serious issues. I was discussing with a friend today (we shall call her K) about this and she pointed out how blogging could be cathartic and help, and I agreed, saying that was my initial reason for starting the blog, to help both me and others. We agreed on the fact that in any form of therapy things have to get worse before they get better. So there is no way I'm giving up this blog at this point ( you can wipe your brows and sigh with relief everyone hahaha).
I've decided to 'lighten' the 'workload' and try to think of all the positive and good things for the next few blog posts. Hence the Rainbows, lollipops and sunshine!

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