Friday, 13 May 2011

Darn it! I wanted to post on my blog last night...

...but the blogger site was down grrrr. Just when I would've wrote my masterpiece. Oh well the moment's gone now, so we'll never know... hehehe
Anyways, back to that train of thought I was following last post. L, N and myself were reflecting on a few events of the past and how we learn from them in terms of gratitude. This is especially true of events where 'loss' occurs. I certainly will never take my three muskateers for granted that's for sure!!! I guess losing a baby may not seem like much to those who haven't experienced it. But there isn't a day that goes by I don't think of Dylan and what he means to my life. His loss means Jack and Evangeline could be here with us. I have certainly grown as a person through that loss and that change cannot be undone. I also see that my mum finally got to have her grandchild. I can imagine her looking after him in 'the afterlife'... that is comforting.
Unfortunately I do see people experience this kind of loss and they become exteremely bitter and angry people, or is it that they always were and never changed?  These people whinge about the most trivial things and that to me signifies no growth, no development, they havent learnt at all from the experience they were given.  I must add it is ok to be angry and bitter for a little while after the event, that is so understandable. But to spend the rest of your life angry is a wasted life.

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