Friday, 1 July 2011

School Reports...

We got Liam's school report (half yearly) this week. I was very happy with it. But I've noticed parents can get disheartened by the results and I wondered what was different with Liam's report to other children's... Then it hit me.. It's about expectations and once again that whole "normal" thing. I want to reassure parents that whether their child is 'acing it' or 'just passing', it is all about perspective. We need to look at the positives that are written about our children, rather than focus on what they are doing 'wrong'. Yes it's good to get an idea of where your child needs help, but to dwell on the negatives is just going to end in tears. I didn't look at Liam's report and say to myself "oh but other children his age would be doing something more..", that would just be pointless and painful. I looked at each achievement he has made and did a little celebratory dance in my head. 
I also look back at my school reports from primary (elementary) school... I sucked big time at math. BIG time! The school even arranged for a tutor/aid to help me with my mathematics once a week. I kept sucking. My mum tried to help me, but threw her hands up after awhile because I guess it was like talking to a brick wall. I just didn't get it. Fast forward to high school....
In year 8 I ended up in the 2nd top Math class.. yes people! Me! In top math! So don't look at your child's report and say "oh no this is it. This is what my child is capable of for the rest of their life". It is simply a snapshot of what a teacher has captured of that child during a few months to a year.
The world is always our children's oyster!!! Hang on! The world is everyone's oyster, no matter what age or diffability!!! Now go make some pearls people!!!

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