Monday, 11 July 2011

No regrets...

Ok so on that train of thought, I want to quote a bizarre movie- Vanilla Sky.. "Every Passing Minute Is A Chance To Turn It All Around" . This is my way of ensuring I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. Instead of looking at what I could have done, I can use my energy to figure out what I can do right now, right this moment to make things the best they can be. 
This has certainly come about since finding out about Jack's ASD. There have been moments where I have focussed on what I should've done differently with Jack in his first 2 years. Those moments cripple me, because I know I can't go back in time. It is also well and good having these thoughts with all the hindsight... We had no idea Jack could have Autism. 
Now I have my Vanilla Sky quote embedded in my head, reminding me that it is the here and now that I have an influence over, I can look at all the ways in which I can make things 'better' for my family. And with that in mind I had a huge light bulb the other day....
My husband had been going on about "When I make my man cave.." and I'd laugh and say "Yeah hun whatever". But this time I realised we could make my hubby's dream come true... but he'd have to wait to use it hahahahaha. My idea was to make the "man cave" but it would serve the purpose of a therapy/play room for the two boys in the mean time. You see we have a very small house and it is not designed for a child with CP or a child with Autism really. It's cluttered, it's cramped, it's only three bedrooms (and yes there is five of us!). If I wanted to do the Son-Rise Program with Jack we would need to have a play/therapy room. I don't want to have any regrets. I don't want to say "If only we did that Son-Rise Program Jack would be able to function better in society".
So my goal for this year is to get this 'man cave ' happening. Any ideas on how to do it cheaply, but safely would be very much appreciated!

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