Thursday, 14 July 2011

My children's hugs...

I was discussing with my friend J about the hugs I get from my kids. Well actually they are my interpretation of hugging...
You see with Liam, he can't 'wrap' his arms around you to hug, but when you give him a cuddle you can feel his arm muscles tighten and his arms become quite stiff. I call this a massive bear hug, and I relish those from my big boy!

Liam and his bloody huge grin
With Jack it gets a bit complicated, because you may go for some close contact and he could push you away, but then later you may just be standing there minding your own when bam! Jack wraps his little self around your legs and then choofs off again before you've even realised a 'hug' took place. Then there's the times where you go to embrace him and he lets you. I call them reciprocated hugs, even though he doesn't hug back... he is letting me do it, so I take that as a huge sign of affection. Over time I've been getting more and more of those and less of the push aways. I do those hugs with Liam too because he doesn't always have the strength to 'hug' me in his way, but I know that it is reciprocated because he usually has a bloody big grin on his face :-)

Jack getting ready to bite kiss
My little girl is funny because she wants to be held but doesn't want to be hugged, if that makes sense. Everytime I go for the squeeze she wriggles about and seems to want to 'get going'. But I do get a snuggle cuddle with her when we lie down for a nap together or when she screams her way out of her cot and into mummy and daddy's bed to sleep the rest of the night.

I just love rubbing my nose into those collosal cheeks
With all three they let me smooch on their big, plump, juicy cheeks. And that is the most scrumptious part of being a mummy, for me anyways.
After describing these hugs to my friend I realised that some people may beg to differ on what I deem a 'hug' or a 'kiss' (all my children bite me when they 'kiss' me lol). I know my versions must seem so unconventional, but these 'hugs' and 'kisses' are totally normal for me and I cherish every single one of them *cue corny 'aaaaah' sound from sitcom audience*

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