Friday, 15 July 2011

The phone call lottery...

My husband must think that whenever his mobile phone goes off and sees that it is me: "oh no what kind of phone call is this going to be!" (just realised that rhymed *titter titter*). I mean it could start with a "Hey babe, what are you up to right now?" or on the odd occasion : "jfkdfdjkhfjkdzgbhdfhjfj!!! bfjdhghf   blaaaarrrrghghghghg   grrrrrrrrrr pffft" or it could even be "heeeeeeeeelllp!!". I must admit I'm a bit bi-polar/manic at times (hubby is probably nodding enthusiastically to this claim) and it definately is shown through the type of phone calls my knight in shining armour receives.
I wonder how it would be if it were the other way around... hmmm I probably be too afraid to answer. I'm not good with surprises and I am definately not good with tense situations that require you to remain calm and talk sense into the other person. Maybe because I'm usually the other person...

Just a bit manic.... but totally fun and all ;-P

An example of what my husband has to deal with:

Phone conversation July 15th 2011, 9.48am-

Me: Hi hun
Hubby: Hi babe, what's up?
Me: Um I'm just looking up on google aboout blisters. You know the blister that I tried to pop on my finger the other day?
Hubby: *pause* yeaaah...
Me: well I think it's infected and I wasn't meant to pop it anyway, and with diabetes you are more susceptible to infections from blisters, and I think it may go septic or something and i might die, oh my god I need to see a doctor or I might die (all this is said in one breathe)
Hubby: okaay babe you're not going to die. It's just a blister. Put some dettol on it and put a band aid on. Just breathe, relax.
Me: *deep breathing* okay
Hubby: so THAT is what you were calling for?
Me: ummm yes
Hubby: okay well I've gotta go
Me: okay, I love you
Hubby: love you too, bye

So yeah that was one of the good conversations you can find us having on the phone. I can just imagine hubby shaking his head afterwards. But it certainly settled me down. I am so lucky he answers the phone to me, otherwise by this afternoon I might've been organising my amputation.
I am just wondering whether I am not the only wife/partner that plays the 'phone lottery' with their husband/partner......

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