Thursday, 21 July 2011

I should have shares in Huggies...

I only think of this when I hear people's toilet training stories and then realise: "damn I have three kids in nappies... I can't imagine a day without changing a myriad of nappies..". Yes THREE kiddies all in nappies. FUN! My 5 year old has the best one's *insert sarcastic tone*. Because of his weak bowel muscles he gets quite constipated, thus we have to use all manner of laxatives and such. Then when these treatments 'work' we have the most awesome display of nappy fillingness. Ok so that was TMI yes? Sorry, it's just a part of our everyday life. And I'm sure all parents have had many a conversation a la poop. I sometimes feel like these conversations will never end in my house.
"Has he done one yet?"
"Damn, that's been a week"
"Guess what?!?!?"
"He did a massive one today!!!"
"Yippee ky ay mother!! That's awesome!"

The funny thing is, we have three kids and have not yet gone through that 'toilet training experience'. I am kind of nervous thinking about it. I am almost happy enough to change nappies for a few more years to avoid those 'toileting incidences'... you know the ones...
  • smearing poo
  • peeing on every item in the house
  • playing in the toilet
  • stripping down in public because that's how they would like to go to the toilet..
  • 'posting' poop in lovely nooks and crannies (ie finding a nugget in your underwear drawer.. the irony)
and many, many more (feel free to add your experiences in the comment box).
 So for now I will look into shares for Huggies. Could be quite profitable. Or not.


beckjess said...

missing "that slight smell of urine imbedded in the walls carpets curtains for time and eternity" and the other myth that its cheaper?!? we must be doing it wrong the amout of bribes and the "keep your nickers nice" money handed out too all three of our kids! best poop story is Lilly crying and Mick asking her what was wrong she latched onto him in a hug as she is so distraught, then calms with a huge hug only to tell daddy "i have pooh on my hands!!!!"

Daisy, Roo and Two said...

Haha! I have three in nappies as well. I feel your pain. And I'm also terrified of toilet training. Especially the twins!