Friday, 22 July 2011

Inspirational people...

These are the people we need to let into our lives. Hear their words. Listen to their stories. Keep our faith up. Instill hope. And share the love.
Many of the people I find inspirational are those who 'keep going' despite all their challenges and traumatic experiences. Yes it is important and essential to 'break down' and 'fall apart'. But then after the initial pain, shock, trauma, it is the resilience that is inspiring.
After watching a segment on Jaycee Lee Dugard and seeing her interview, I was blown away at how 'together' she was for someone who had been imprisoned for 18 years (as well as being sexually abused), how full of love rather than hate and anger. The resilience just glowed from her. Instead of being bitter and twisted, she was full of faith, love and hope. I am yet to read her memoirs, but will have that on my 'to read list'.
Another inspirational woman comes in the form of Ingrid Poulson. I discovered her this evening on MamaMia, and once again saw that glow of resilience. In some ways it is quite contagious. I think of everything I have been through and feel empowered by the fact I am still standing, tall and proud. Albeit I have never lost a whole family through murder/suicide, but I can see what Ingrid is driving at... what is the point of it all if we are angry, bitter and twisted? It does not honour the lives that are lost, it does not strengthen our resolve, warm our hearts or give us hope. Anger has it's place, but it should be a very small place.
Hate begets hate. Love begets love.
I have made a conscious decision to surround myself with love. With people who are caring, loving, respectful, non-judgemental.
We need to surround ourselves with these elements to be the best we can be. Look at those who inspire us and see their traits and try to emulate them. Ignore the anger, the greed, the jealousy, the bitchiness.
Life can be beautiful. Life is beautiful... if we let it.

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Tamsyn said...

I watched the Jaycee Lee interview too and had the same reaction. What a remarkable young woman. She could so easily allow herself to be bitter, a victim of horrific circumstances. But instead she is choosing the path of hope, courage and victory. She's a true inspiration.