Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Children at play...

I always get a bit nervous taking the children to play areas, parks and Softplay type of venues.. Mainly because I worry about the interaction between my children and other children causing an issue, and so the parents of the other children will then create an issue with me. It has happened in the past, when I was defending Liam from some bullying children at Softplay. I simply told them to "Stop throwing balls at my son's head" in a stern voice, and then I got attacked by their mother. After that incident I really didn't want to go to any of these places. But a few years have passed and I think I have a bit more of a thicker head skin. So I have managed to brave some of these venues once more.
Today I was a little anxious again because I took Jack to a playground area at the local shopping centre and I was worried what the other kids might be like and how Jack may react (he is big on personal space and if you encroach some biting may ensue). I need not have worried. Jack had a blast! He even made a connection with a girl a year or two older than him. They were chasing the birds flying over head, giggling and squealing with delight. Then when they came to the fence, they stopped and looked at eachother!! Jack looked another child in the eyes!! Then as I watched, my heart skipped a beat, my inner monologue said "Please don't bite her" as he slowly approached her.... then he reached out and touched her dress. I breathed a sigh of relief. I then puffed up in pride. My son, the sly casanova... ok so maybe I'm going a bit OTT here, but I was truly blown away. Jack dislikes other kids in his play space. Today he didn't mind sharing that space with an 'older woman'.

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