Saturday, 25 June 2011

sometimes music taste says a lot about a person...

I just wonder what it says about me...
I am known to love a very wide variety of styles and sounds.
Do you think listing your top 10 favourite "Albums of Your Time" could really represent who you are?? Well I'm feeling pop/rock reflective tonight. So here goes my Top 10 (in no particular order, because that would be too hard to decide on):
  • Beastie Boys        'Hello Nasty'                           1998
  • Pearl Jam             'Ten'                                       1991
  • The White Stripes 'Elephant'                                2003
  • Radiohead            'OK Computer'                      1997             
  • Outkast                'Speakerboxxx/Love Below'   2003
  • The Killers            'Sam's Town'                         2006
  • The Prodigy          'Their Law'                             2005
  • The Strokes          'Room on Fire'                       2003
  •  Garbage              'Garbage'                               1995
  •  Nirvana                'Nevermind'                           1991
I do have a few favourite 'Soundtrack' Albums, but feel they don't go on the Top Ten Albums, instead they can have their own little side category (total cop out I know lol, but I want to add a few more of my favourite 'sounds'):
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Spawn
  • Dawn of the Dead (remake)
  • Trainspotting
  • Pulp Fiction
There's probably a whole heap I've missed. But these are the ones that come to mind tonight.
Now my choices were made by thinking about the albums that I have listened to many, many times and am still not sick of. That make me feel good. Make me smile. The ones that make me do a roundhouse kick in the air 'cos I feel like I could conquer the world. The ones that make me flip my hair and pout like a sexy minx, making me think I'm a sexy she-devil. And of course the ones that contain music that make me cry beautiful tears.
Ok so maybe I shouldn't limit it to 10 (or the extra 5 on the soundtrack list), because these two lists don't even begin to touch on my extensive music choices. But this is definately a good sampler *insert winky face*.

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