Sunday, 19 June 2011

oh God...

They say not to discuss religion, politics or sex with friends. And it's true that it can cause great debate and sometimes end friendships. But tonight I can't help myself. I want to talk about God.
I am not religious per se, in fact I don't have a denomination, but I do believe in God. It's funny because my husband doesn't, yet we are married, in love and agree on so many other topics, so I don't see a problem with our differing views on God. I respect my husband's beliefs and I never push mine onto him. As I would never do to anyone.
People's relationships with God can change over time and I have seen people rocked by experiences and situations where they question God, or even God's existence. But in my case those times that are tough, that are scary, that are sad, I find myself asking God for help and not shunning God for what is happening. I realise God is most likely watching, waiting for me to make my epiphany. I am learning from all these experiences and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to brave them and rise above them.
I have heard people ask "Why would God do this?", "Why would God have this person die like this?" or "If God really exists, why would he hurt the good people?". Well the truth is... we all get hurt. If we didn't we wouldn't know pleasure, happiness and joy. Life would be the biggest plod along, numb journey. And the most obvious thing is... Death wouldn't exist if there were no life. Decay is just another part of the living condition. EVERYTHING decays. Yes a lot of it seems unfair... but who said life was meant to be fair?? There is no fair, no just. Some people are given many challenges in their life and others just roll on with a few hiccups. That's the way it is. No rhyme or reason. I was having a chat with my friend K and we were likening  the things that have happened in our lives as cards in a card game. Everyone is dealt a different hand. So yes there are some people who get the Kings or Queens, others get 3's or 4's. But it doesn't mean those who got the so called 'crap cards' can't 'win'. It's all about how you play. It's all about viewing the cards in a different way. I feel I am rocking the hand I got dealt *insert winky face*. But I got a bad poker face hahahahaha, I've got to learn to wipe this smile off my dial!
This isn't a post on getting people to believe in God or whatever. I am simply making an observation. For me God has opened my eyes on a grand scale. I am never, ever angry with God. In fact I am grateful that God has given me the life I have been given. I am not ignorant, I am aware. You can only be super grateful for that. 

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Maryandlil said...

Best post ever girl!, you are an amazing writer and god has you in the palm of his hand xx