Thursday, 5 January 2012


Ok so I've been a bit absent from the blogosphere of late.
But, like, who noticed anyways!?!? Teehee.

Christmas took a huge front seat in my life and I spent all my time soaking up the rays and the love of my family *cue corny sigh*.

And going nuts on Instagram (because I just LOVE photographs!!!). And if you are on Instagram too lets follow eachother! My username is yezza_strangerthanfiction

I have always loved photography and for many years have dropped hints to hubby about getting one of those fandangled SLR's, but kind of thought it was a pipe dream. So on Christmas day waiting for my Red Cowboy Boots, hubby handed me a box. My heart skipped a beat. Really? Could this be it? It felt heavy enough... I didn't hesitate to rip like a woman possessed into the wrapping paper... I didn't want to raise my hopes any higher and thought the quicker I discover that this is just a heavy pot pourri bowl the better. Because it certainly wasn't looking like the shape of cowboy boots.

The moment I saw this:

I, um, lost my shit!!!!

I finally could indulge in some serious wanktastic photography!!!!

I haven't stopped since! Photographing that is... not wanking lol.

So I apologise in advance if my blog contains less words and more images for a bit, but hey I know you guys won't mind letting me indulge in such an artistic and creative display. Thus I may cheat and do "Wordless Wednesday" on Friday or Monday *insert cheeky winky face*.

Here is a sample of my first few "pieces of art":

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