Sunday, 29 January 2012

The facts about baby loss...

This is a list of facts I have compiled on this anniversary of my baby boy Dylan's birthday and passing. I thought it would be important to share:

  • you never, ever forget your baby. Ever.

  • the pain is there, but you learn to deal with it better over time.

  • never say to a parent that has lost a baby/child "oh well you can always have another one". Never, ever say that. Ever! We can not have another Dylan. He was a one off. There is never a 'replacement'.

  • talking about the experience openly has helped me deal with things better. But every parent deals with it differently. So let the parent take the lead. If they want to talk about it, listen. If they are silent about it all, just let them know that they can talk to you anytime. But let them know there is no pressure to talk at all.

  • acknowledging our baby's birthday every year is beyond important. They will never grow old, but their memory grows with us, part of our family tree. They are that branch that never got to reach out and sprout leaves, yet they make our tree as glorious as ever.

I know this isn't a long list. But it will stay in your mind. It is simple and concise. I hope it helps many others in dealing with or understanding the loss of a baby.

Here's to all the parents with empty arms and to all those babies who grew wings too soon xxxx


beckjess said...

I love these thoughts, simple and direct, the best way to be. At a time when so much feels wrong a lot of love goes a long way xx

Hespera's Garden said...

may love surround you on this anniversary of his birthday..

Stranger Than Fiction aka Yeran said...

Thank you Kristie and Beck xxx