Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Nothing is guaranteed....

Like the title states.. NOTHING IS GUARANTEED.
And by this I mean, that moment when you are told your child has a disability or there is something 'different' about them either medically or something else, as a parent you start to see the future fall away into something different to what you had mapped out in your mind. All your plans have disintegrated into something unrecognisable. Your predictions of this and that are blown away.....

Well let me tell you! There is no guarantee that any human is going to fulfill those 'dreams', 'goals' and predictions.
In fact all those children who have been deemed 'normal' or 'mainstream' do not come with the guarantee they will not turn out to be killers or rapists.
I could lament the fact Liam may never have children, but even if he didn't have Cerebral Palsy, he may never have wanted to have children anyway!
And Evangeline, well she may end up being the child that never leaves home, that depends on me for everything, while my boys might find some form of independence.
The only thing that is guaranteed is this very second.
This very moment that is happening.
Our children are being nothing but themselves right now.
They may change.
They most likely will change.
So will we.
Over time we all change to some extent.
Nothing is permanent.

We are not guaranteed tomorrow.
That is why we should enjoy as much as we possibly can, the moment that we are in.
Find some sort of beauty in it.

I really think that is the answer to life.
Find the beauty, the magic, the positives in the "right now"!!!!
Because it could all be gone in a split second.

Sorry for the, ahem, slight morbidity. But really, we all need a shake up. We need to wake up to the fact this could be the best time of our lives and we are missing it!
It is all about perspective. And right now my perspective is a little ranty. I am sorry for that. I don't like to be ranty. But I couldn't help myself this evening.

I really wish I could do this post more justice, but I'm too fired up.


Lolly! said...

I agree with you 100%!!! My family has gone through a lot lately and we are now just enjoying every day as it comes. the future I thought I had is gone and I'm learning not to worry about what might or might not happen and enjoy what is happening all around me. Love to you xxx

Kate said...

Yeran I love you so much.

Truer words never written.

Here's what I've been thinking about today. Okay so maybe I didn't ever ask for or expect to have children with special needs. But THEY didn't ask for it either! And they are precious and beautiful and worthy and I would not change them.

Life is short and precious. People are amazing whatever their abilities. We need to love and honour that.


kirri said...

I don't find your post ranty at all! Appreciating the here and now, the present moment, is all we have. Being able to find love, truth and peace in our lives and families, no matter what - Thats the real stuff sugar!

mamamia said...

Wonderful post! I didn't find it ranty at all, either, lol!

I don't have kids with special needs, but I have a blood disorder that will take my life one day, so I have learned to try to make the most of life, and try not to take anything for granted.
Sometimes, that is easy to forget, especially when I'm feeling really well. However, I am learning that nothing stays the same, and sometimes one needs to just roll with the punches.

CRAP Mamma said...

I think this post is far from morbid Yeran. In fact I think it gives and extremey positive message to appreciate what you HAVE not what you COULD HAVE. Sure life throws us a few curve balls that we didn't quite expect but there's good in everything and we just need to look to find it.

Hope you enjoyed your Franjelico xxx

Misha - TheBlingBuoy said...

Beautifully said as always, Yeran. Beautiful. And a good time of year to be saying it too. An awesome post.

Stranger Than Fiction aka Yeran said...

Thank you ladies <3 I guess when we are faced with issues such as "what are our children capable of" or even "what are we capable of", it just becomes null and void when we realise that what is important is what is happening right now. Sending all my love to all of you xxxxx

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

perspective. yes.

Pity those that have it are not the ones that NEED it.

Stranger Than Fiction aka Yeran said...

Kelley, you're right... I'm preaching to the choir. If only everyone had a good perspective