Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Thankful Thursday... Holding my children tight edition...

Joining Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday, because I am so damn grateful!!!

Through everything I have experienced, encountered and endured, I have come out with more gratitude than ever before.

And when I read the news headlines and I see what others have been struck with, I try to look at how lucky I am and celebrate it.

This week there has been a huge focus on the loss of a young teenage boy. Although he would be a man today, a man who his parents would have seen go through puberty, graduate from high school and either be attending university/college or being an apprenctice in a trade. But no, these things that people take for granted will never be in Daniel Morcombe's life. An evil, sadistic man ripped it away. A monster that walked the streets sniffing out his pray.

This week I looked at the loss of Daniel and all the children who have become angels, and I couldn't help but hold tight my own children. Regard every little thing about them. From the most loveable and adorable attributes to even the things that make me want to tear my hair out. I held nothing but gratitude....
  • running my fingers through Jack's cornsilk hair
  • breathing in Evangeline's scent, of baby shampoo, arrowroot biscuit and milk
  • squeezing Liam's body in a tight embrace and kissing his bulbous cheeks
  • hearing the sounds of their tiny vocal chords, even the cries and whinges were music this week
I am so blessed to have my children. And I always think about those who cannot have their own. I truly feel for those women whose wombs ache to be filled.
I am so blessed that my children have their health. Yes Liam has Cerebral Palsy, but he is a robust little guy, tough as nails with a cast iron immune system. Yes Jack has Autism, and he does suffer from croup now and again, but he also has a strong constitution. And well Evangeline is the plump picture of health with her rosy features.
I am blessed to be able to embrace my children everyday, tell them I love them (over and over and over again).
Most of all I am blessed to be able to see how lucky I am. Through the loss of Dylan, through all the different diagnoses.. through all the tough times, I have been able to see what amazing things life does offer and that I have them in abundance.
There is so much to be thankful for!!!
 So come and join me and all the other awesome bloggers who participate in 'Thankful Thursday' via Kate Says Stuff 


Maxabella said...

Daniel's story has been on my mind for years. Such sadness. x

Stranger Than Fiction aka Yeran said...

Same here Maxabella. I think Daniel will be etched in our minds for a very long time, if not forever. x

Rhianna said...

You have such a wonderful grounding perspective on life. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you and your beautiful family

Kellie said...

Holding my girls extra tight as I read this. Feeling very fortunate. xx

Kate said...

Beautiful post Yeran, so very important too.

It's too easy to get stuck in the day-to-day and lose track of the blessings in our lives every single day.


Courtney @ Nobashake said...

Lovely post. Its hard to comprehend how difficult it is for Daniels parents, the love i have for my kids and all the things I have to look forward to with them they never had. I find it hard to imagine just how I would feel and how I would have the strength to carry on.

Moodi Mumma said...

Such a wonderful post, if there is anything positive to take away from Daniel's tragic story it is this.
Found you through Kate's Thankful Thursday link up and am now following your lovely blog :)

Stranger Than Fiction aka Yeran said...

Rhianna: Thank you sweety! Butterfly kisses to you too <3
Kellie: it is better than winning the lottery when we realise how fortunate we are hey ;-) xx
Kate: Thank you Kate xxx
Courtney: yes I can't even comprehend how they must be feeling and what it is like to try and 'get on' with things
Moodi Mumma: Thank you, I look forward following you ;-)

Sif said...

I was struck by this very same sense of bring blessed last week! It is truly heartbreaking to see, hear about know someone or be some who has lost a child, it's just so wrong. Being able to hold and love and watch our children grow and become is the great blessing a parent can have. What a lovely post! Thank you!

Stranger Than Fiction aka Yeran said...

Thank you Sif x

Lifeasmummymax said...

Found you through the link up. lovely post. I felt these things this week too. I cant imagine how the morcombe family must feel. I love the bit where you said "squeezing Liam's body in a tight embrace and kissing his bulbous cheeks" made me smile.