Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Happiness is "Yellow Hat"... and your neighbour wanting to record you!?..

I am a firm believer in enjoying the 'small things'.. well actually they are small to others, but fricking huge to me!! I like to soak up all the awesomeness that occurs around me and then think about how I would write it as a 'status update' later  and just feel the wonderment of life and appreciate each day that I am blessed with.
Today I was playing with Mr Middle aka Jack, in our little ball pit in our back yard. We were surrounded by all sorts of coloured balls *er duh* and Jack says: "Yeyyow" (now this is a brand new thing and I get so excited everytime he says a word, any word!). I respond with: "Yes there are yellow balls everywhere". I am hoping he says "yeyyow bawws", but no, he says: "yeyyow.. hat". I was blown away with the fact he was stringing TWO words together, another ginormous leap in development for Jack, then I started to say "There's no yellow hat out here", when I figured this opportunity was gold for him to realise that words he says can hold so much meaning. I jump up like a woman possessed: "Yes you want a yellow hat! I will run inside and get a yellow hat! Stay there, I'm getting this yellow hat you want, that you asked for". I know how desperate this may have sounded, but for Jack with his Autism, at this point he doesn't know that with words he can actually ASK for something, and so I was keen to let him know that when he says something he is going to bloody well get it!  I think I pretty much danced my way inside the house (danced really fast though, I didn't want him to lose the meaning of the situation!) and out I came singing "Here's your yellow hat Jack!!!" and plonked it on his head. Now Jack hates, hates, things on his head. But he just slowly took it off and try to put it on my head. Ah bless, he was protecting his mummy from the sun. You couldn't wipe my smile off with a brick.
I was on cloud nine for most of the day, then...
In the afternoon out in the setting sun on our front lawn, I hung out with my three muskateers. I am Queen of Obliviousness and I don't realise how loud I am and how much the neighbours can hear me and actually listen to me! So when our bachelor neighbour sauntered on over to me whilst I was in the very lady like position of sitting with a massive leg spread on the driveway playing 'crashing cars' with Jack, and then proceeded to start a conversation that began with: "I almost recorded you the other day"... I was a little freaked out.
"Sorry? You nearly reported me?" I was worried he was talking children's services, and I was going to explain that Liam always was quadraplegic, then he repeated "I almost recorded you". I paused. Hmmm ok. I gave him that WTF look. He started to grin: "I heard you singing to your children the other day. You have a beautiful voice". I laughed "Oh dear, sorry about that. I have a shocking singing voice". I could feel my face burn into a bright beetroot. "No really, you are good. And I think you're a wonderful mum. I always hear you singing and playing with your children"... Well that is one of the biggest compliments anyone can give a mum.. not the singing *uh duh*, but the fact that someone has observed you and appreciated motherhood in it's simplest form.
I went from one 'cloud 9' to another.. ok is that even possible? Did that even make sense? Two cloud 9's? Whatever. It was a top day, as most of my days are.. even if they're not, I'll bloody well make them top! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

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Daisy, Roo and Two said...

That sounds like an awesome day!! I would have been so excited for Jack in the same situation! And it is so nice when someone appreciates what you are doing for your kids - and singing and dancing and playing with them IS awesome :)