Tuesday, 16 August 2011


This is a blog post solely about my precious daughter. Because I have realised she has featured very little in this blog so far, which doesn't reflect how much I love her, as I love all my precious children equally. She just happens to not have a 'diffability', which could create a somewhat 'wallflower effect', as her brothers and their needs tend to overshadow everything else.

So here's to my Evangeline...

In 3 weeks she will be turning a year old. Where did that year go?!?

Well I tell you where it went...
  • a whirl of therapies, assessments, meltdowns (from both myself and my son Jack)
  • dealing with nappies and nappies and more nappies
  • trying to get sleep and failing
Where does Evangeline factor into this?
  • She was the one who would keep herself busy while I fed Liam and was dragged around by Jack
  • She came along to every appointment and for the most part was well behaved
  • She has let us experience all the 'normal' development and made us feel like first time parents all over again
  • Her cute little scrunched up nose grin has melted my heart over and over again
  • Her sleep started out great and then has gone down hill since teething... which means we get to sleep with her in our bed (which in someways I secretly love)
  • She has grown so quickly and is the reminder I need that life flies by at break neck speed and that I need to slow down and enjoy every little thing, rather than rush to the next stage
Evangeline is the breath of fresh air in our house. She is also the banshee scream that pierces our ears. I love every inch of her plump and dimpled being. Although I could do without her pulling my hair strand by strand at 2 in the morning.

Before Evangeline... I can't even imagine a time before Evangeline. It is like she has always been here. Although I do have a vivid memory of the 'big ultrasound' when I was 20 weeks pregnant with her.. The sonographer pointed to the screen and I just knew when I saw the 'burger' that she was a 'she'. "It's a girl" announced the tech and I squealed with delight, grasping my good friend Nic's hand. Nic and I both chimed together "Evangeline!". The tech looked up, surprised "You already have a name?". Indeed! Jack would've been an Evangeline. I had the name picked out for a few years. It means "Good news". And hell yeah, it was good news and she has been nothing but good news since.

Here is a shameless array of photos of my gorgeous baby girl. I am so blessed....

The 'Burger'!!!
*sorry Evangeline you will kill me for this in about 12 years time

My first hold of Evangeline

Cute as a button!!!

A photograph my sister took when Evy was 3 months old

Everyone say "aaaaaah"

In the ball pit

My ray of sunshine

I am in love

Oh I am so lucky, so blessed. I get to nuzzle into her scrumptious cheeks. Breathe in her 'baby shampoo' scent. Giggle through games of peek-a-boo. Be the recipient of the biggest open hand kisses blown. 

I love my girl. And I'm loving how this blog post has put me in the best mood, the happiest refrain. So I better re-read this at 2am after Evy has pulled half my hair out *insert that tired winky face*  


Kelly said...

I always love readings your posts and this is another beautiful one! You are fast becoming my favourite writer xxxx

Jess WhoaMamma said...

She is just Pure Love with those twinkly eyes and that gorgeous grin!! And so you should feel proud to showcase your 3 beautiful angels xxxx

Christina said...

I adore you evangeline with those chubby thighs and cheeks and dimples. I hope I am blessed with a sibling for Matilda so that she can share that bond and maybe to experience that journey of a 'normal' child. you really do have the best of all worlds!!

Stranger Than Fiction aka yeran said...

Thank you so much Kelly xxx

Thanks Jess xxx

Stranger Than Fiction aka Yeran said...

Thank you Christina! I hope you are blessed with a sibling for your gorgeous Matilda too xxxxx

Kara Dario said...

In a moment of hopelessness, this Post blew away the rain clouds and made me break down from the rays of sunshine this made me feel. You are truly brilliant with ur words and positivity xx

Stranger Than fiction aka Yeran said...

Aww thank you so much Kara. Big hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxx

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Evy is adorable, love her sweet cheeks and smile.
I read your story on ~ Dylan~ , I understand what you mean about having J & E because of him .

Maryandlil said...

I love evy she is awesome! And what a privilege it was to be there with you that day xxxx

Stranger Than Fiction aka Yeran said...

Trish thank you xxxxx

Nic I was so glad you were the one there with me, such a great moment we got to share xxx