Friday, 5 April 2013

Haters gunna hate, potatoes gunna potate

We are all flawed! News flash!
Okay maybe not a newsflash to some. But hello, reality bites and if you're honest enough with yourself you will know how flawed you are. Perfectly flawed I like to call it ;-) We wouldn't be human without it.
Embrace that shit and run with it. But also work with it and turn it into some unbelievably wonderful shit ;-) oh crap sorry about all the smiley faces. Must be the new meds kicking in. Anyone taken Pristiq before? Yeah I'm trying this stuff out. Hopefully I can get a bit of peace on it.
Although the thought had crossed my mind to just go full cold turkey and see where my mind goes.... Hubby wasn't too keen on that one, even though he was never too keen on meds at the start. Aaaaah meds..... what a lovely topic that is... what great taboos that entails.
Really, hello???!?!? Who cares, as long as I don't go postal. What's it to anyone else how the meds go??? But alas there are a few peeps out there invested in it... or so they think. I reckon my mum would be wary but then be like "hey hun, you do what keeps you going and your family stable". Well that's how I'd dream it to be. Although when I was a youngen she was on meds too. But hell that was beyond taboo. Fuck taboos. Fuck normality. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck ,fuck. Phew that feels better.
Now how do we change society and social media to say it is okay to be not okay and to need help??? Please peeps I want some advice here. I want to get the word out that getting help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of awesomeness. What about a mad ass happy as mob mentality that wants everyone to be happy and succeed? What an ideal hey? Does that make me a bit hippy like?
See I told you my return to blogging would be mad ass sporadic.
Might write more tomorrow. Just about reached my limit now. Lazy biotch I am.
Flaws... they rock. Own 'em. Embrace 'em. And then work towards Nirvana lmao. Might visit the Buddhist Temple tomorrow. Love a bit of enlightenment. And a good photo op. Love me photos.

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